force ma·jeure

1. an event or effect that cannot be reasonably anticipated or controlled [“Act of God”]
2. irresistible compulsion or greater force.

About Us

Never ordinary.

Since our foundation, we considered ourselves disruptors and took the name Force Majeure to show that we would not rely on preconceived notions of business, but would instead forge our own path, using creativity and data-driven decision-making to achieve the best results for our clients and helped them stay ahead of coming trends.

Trends Forecasting

See ahead.

We have worked with some of the world’s most prominent Fortune 100 companies, business, political, social and thought leaders across 14 sectors and multiple geographies – to uncover the top trends that will be relevant in the coming years.

See around the corner, and prepare to achieve the best results ahead of the competition.

Consumer Behavior

Be relevant.

What does it take to for a brand to be relevant to a new generation of consumers? It starts with understanding their wants and needs, and appreciating their priorities and choices. The Generations Y and Z (loosely called the Millennials) are changing entire industries with their behaviors. Gaining a strong familiarity with new consumers is the first step to assuring healthy brand positioning and future business growth.

Drawing inspiration from powerful and supreme forces of nature, we at Force Majeure believe that our creative drive, diverse experience and global network of connections form an equally awesome force in international business. Our aim is to become the ultimate multi-purpose creative agency, dealing with creation, innovation, marketing, negotiation, representation, management and consulting.

Force Majeure was founded in 2011, as a boutique agency specializing in brand management and strategy development for both up-and-coming and established firms. Over the years, we have complete a number of cutting edge projects for major Fortune 500 companies, but have also launched our own original initiatives.

We aim to make brands more exciting, entertaining and recognizable – and to give our clients the foresight to make changes and stay ahead of emerging trends.


Every great company has a unique story and a relevant, interesting way to share that story. Today more than ever, content is king. We create unique original content that tells intriguing stories and features some of the world’s most prominent and interesting personalities. Brands can benefit from collaborating with us on our original content, or from our expertise in guiding them to create their own content.

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